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Students with dyslexia can become fluent readers.

Students with dyslexia will benefit from the methodical and fun approach ClicknRead takes in teaching children to read. Using the proven phonics method ClicknRead humorously guides the student through a kindergarten-third grade reading curriculum. The reading program encourages children as they progress through the 100 reading skill lessons. It is proven helpful for children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities and ClicknRead receives countless letters of thanks from parents relieved to have found a reading program for their dyslexic children that is so easy to use and really works. Try the sample reading lesson and you will see for yourself.
  • Use in dyslexia reading programs and allow students to work independently on reading skills.
  • A method proven to work with children with learning disabilities.
  • Really helps dyslexic students learn to read.
  • Rich multimedia interactive environment for teaching phonics online (NO CD's, no downloads!)
  • Students whose previous attempts to learn to read were not successful, have achieved success with ClicknRead.
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Learning to read with dyslexia has never been easier
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Read how other dyslexic students succeeded with the online reading program.
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"My son really enjoys ClickN READ Phonics. He is dyslexic and I can see from his first lesson that it is a good program for his needs, as it is focusing on what he has trouble with, sounding out words. He has improved in his reading at school already which is fantastic as he has always struggled with this. I am very pleased with this program."
Sandy Dowling, Parent, Australia


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